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Gearing up for Election 2013: Bill Bennett

This is the first in a weekly series from Kootenay East's two candidates. Here is an introduction from Bill Bennett of the BC Liberals.
Bill Bennett

I grew up in a small town, fishing and hunting, working in my parents’ small business. My parents taught me to enjoy music, the outdoors and how to work hard. We chose Cranbrook as our home because the East Kootenay is the perfect place for Beth and me to raise our two sons and to enjoy the outdoors. Eventually we will retire here and continue to contribute to our community.

I got into politics because our remote region will not get our fair share, nor will our regional voice be heard, unless we have strong representation in Victoria. Building my fly-in fishing lodge in Manitoba, struggling to survive through tough times, team sports and practicing law all help me be an effective MLA.  I want Cranbrook to keep its good jobs, for people to keep their right to access the backcountry and for my hometown to grow and add good new jobs in a responsible way.

I focus on the economy because government can’t do good things without tax revenues to use. That means jobs must come first. If coal isn’t being mined and shipped to Asia, if timber isn’t being pulled out of the bush and trucked into our mills, if tourists aren’t visiting our golf courses, back country lodges and ski resorts, then we have no tax revenues to pay for health care, education, social services, highways, policing and the other important services provided by government. Without a strong economy, any discussion of how to spend your tax dollars is not credible.

The MLA for Cranbrook must be strong and independent enough to stand up to the urban interests in Victoria, to defend our rural region and make sure we get our share. That will continue to be my commitment to you.