Hugs & Slugs

First batch of Hugs & Slugs for 2021

Hugs: Big hugs to Kimberley Fire Department and friends for their annual Christmas Eve Santa Claus tour around Marysville and Kimberley! What a wonderful gift, thank you!

Hugs: Thank you so very much to all the folks who came to my aid, in helping to remove my car from a snowbank/ditch at the Community Forest parking lot on Dec 23. From my perspective community spirit is thriving in Cranbrook!

Hugs: To the gentleman who helped me push my grocery cart across a snow covered parking lot at Safeway on December 23. He noticed that I was struggling, and readily offered to help. It was really appreciated!

Slugs: To all the inconsiderate people who think everyone enjoys their fireworks at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Our poor cat was traumatized. Do you think the environment needs more pollution? The money you spent on those, would have been appreciated by the Food Bank.

Hugs: To the people who set off fire works in the Elizabeth Lake area. Thank you, thank you for sharing some much needed holiday spirit in our community. Wishing you and your families a happy new year!!!

Slugs: To the person who wrote about someone warming up their car. Let’s get real there are vehicles everyday running to be warmed up in the winter & running in the summer, big trucks left running all the time for a lot longer, so someone wants to get into a warm vehicle … come on really! Do you have nothing better to complain about? Slugs to those who bully.

Hugs: A big Thank You to all the helpers who assisted to free my car from a snow bank at Mt.Baker Road. Much appreciated.

Hugs: Big Hugs to the Martens Family. Thank you for the lovely gifts, they warm my head and hands as well as my heart. You are truly the spirit of Christmas.

Hugs: To our neighbours who take the time to remove the snow from the walking path and driveway to Idlewild off of 9th Ave and Summit.

Slugs: To those drivers who speed down 9th Ave along the Idlewild Park parking lot and where students cross to go to school and go home from school.

Slugs: Huge slugs to person or persons who fired a high power hunting rifle New Year’s Eve in a family neighbourhood. Is it not illegal to discharge firearms within city limits?

Hugs: Huge hugs to the young fellow on Southview Drive who shovels his own place after a snowfall then continues on to shovel his neighbours’ sidewalks. Much appreciated!

Slugs: To the people that drive around and look for all the recycling bins to dump their boxes in and fill them up. Please take the time to break them down so that other people have room to recycle in those bins.

Hugs: A BIG hug to the Quilting Guild for the beautiful quilted gifts at the Cancer Clinic at EKR Hospital. A beautiful ray of sunshine after diagnosis and chemotherapy.

Slugs: To Kimberley snow clearing crew. In 20 years of living in Kimberley I have never seen such poor snow clearing. You should all be very embarassed at providing such shoddy work. The City should also be ashamed at allowing their workers to get away with such poor performance.

Slugs: Big SLUGS to the City of Cranbrook snow removal department. The snow removal from the last big snowfall still has not been done in the residential areas and parts of downtown leaving the streets covered in ice and very dangerous ruts. With Cranbrook being among the highest taxes in the province the citizens deserve better.

Hugs: I would like to thank the two lovely ladies who, after I slipped on the ice by the Orthodox Church, helped me, after I banged my head twice. To the lovely blonde in the red car who helped me up and offered a ride to the hospital or home. And also, to Alice, my savior, who refused to let me walk home alone. I am forever grateful!

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