Farm life: Another year around the sun

Farm life: Another year around the sun

The sun is starting to rise a little later now and we officially have one month of summer left. This time of year always makes me excited because my very favourite season is on the way.

My birthday is on August 24 and every year when it rolls around I can’t believe how quickly it arrives. The last few years have been interesting, with fire bans, smoky skies, and the very real threat of fire danger across the province. It’s always a bit of an anxious time of year.

I’ll never forget the 2017 fire season. We were living in Kimberley, on evacuation alert, and the skies were filled with smoke. I remember walking out my back door and it smelling like campfire the moment I stepped outside. I remember hiking the local trails and feeling out of breath all too quickly. I remember having bags packed, camping gear at the ready, and all of my most cherished possessions packed away in a box just in case.

I feel for friends that are experiencing this in other parts of the province. I feel for the firefighters, emergency services personnel and management teams working around the clock right now.

Part of living where we do means we have these realities to deal with. Winters with cold temperatures, lots of snow, and icy roads. Summers filled with extreme, dry heat and forest fires. Despite these conditions that can sometimes seem unnerving, I wouldn’t change living here for the world.

This year marks four years since I moved from the Vancouver coast to the Kootenays and I am so glad that I did. I have met so many fantastic people, learned a lot, and above all else, I’ve come home to myself.

Four years ago we drove the final stretch from the coast, Creston to Kimberley, on my birthday. We arrived at my brother and sister in-law’s house and we headed to the Platzl for some wings at The Shed. Fast forward and we live on a beautiful farm, have two adorable dogs, and every day is a new adventure.

This past weekend I was able to celebrate in my favourite way by spending the weekend doing something I love – fly fishing.

We floated a section of river on Saturday that I will not disclose, but the view and the scenery were absolutely incredible. We were blessed with cool and calm waters, blue bird skies, and tiny trout that were easy to release back to their home.

On Sunday we continued our fishing adventures by foot, and ended up in some of the most beautiful territory. Fly fishing has taken me to so many places I would never otherwise go. Places that I wonder if anyone else has ever even set foot. Places where bear prints are found, elk can be seen in the distance and critters of all kinds call home. Places where the water flows like magic and the trees sway as though they’re dancing and the mountains reign high and mighty in the distance.

As the start of another 365-day journey around the sun begins, I’m grateful for life on the farm, life in the Kootenays, and to be able to share my adventures and endeavours with you, the readers.