Editorial: Don’t say NIMBY, say YIMBY

A maximum security federal prison near Kimberley? Sounds good us.

Some people say “NIMBY” — Not In My Backyard. We say “YIMBY” — Yes, In My Backyard.

The RDEK is blue-skying the idea of a new federal penitentiary located up Kimberley way, between Meadowbrook and Tata Creek to be precise. And while admitting that the possibility of this happening is about five per cent, any proposal that generates jobs will be duly considered.

And create jobs they will. One worker for every person incarcerated. And we know that good times or bad, there will always be the need for jails. People will continue to misbehave, and punitive measures will continue to be taken.

Now we understand that penitentiary jobs aren’t for everybody. One probably requires a thick skin, a certain degree of toughness, and a certain amount of training. But then again, one could say that about the newspaper business.

For those whom the idea of a jail full of angry men (or women) is a little off-putting, we say relax. The days of “In The Desperate Hours” are long gone. Prisons are now super secure, and — pending the closure of Kingston Pen — more comfortable and humane. And for those who don’t think jails should be comfortable or, ahem, humane, well, perhaps if the issue goes to referendum, we can vote on the type of jail we want for our region.

Speaking of “In the Desperate Hours,” it might also behoove us to remember that sure, escapes might happen once in a blue moon, but the woods surrounding the would-be prison are full of grizzly bears. Talk about your deterrents.