Hugs & Slugs

Cool things down with some Hugs & Slugs

Hugs: To the lady making and handing out the “sunchatchers of appreciation” for public help received during the pandemic. You are generous and thoughtful and ‘You are appreciated by me’. Thank you for making my day brighter

Slugs: To whomever is responsible for the location of “handicap” parking places in Kimberley. Most handicapped persons are passengers in vehicles. Almost without exception, handicapped parking places are located with passengers having to deal with a tree or metal post as they exit their vehicle. We can do better, people. As well, at the Kimberley library washroom there is a bar on the wall in the toilet stall to enable people to exit the facility; the problem is that you have to have arms ten feet long to reach it.

Slugs: A big slug to a certain company for making truckloads of money, yet they allow the backroads to deteriorate to the point where Canada’s military could use the road teaching tank trap manoeuvres. Grade and chloride the road. One can not access a Provincial Park because of risking major damage to your RV or vehicle.

Hugs: A big hug to our Kootenay Advertiser delivery person on 20th Street. You always put our paper in the mail box to protect it from the wind and rain. That special service is much appreciated. Thank you.

Hugs: Huge thanks to Rockin’ In The Rockies club members & to Lawrence McGibbon for opening up the shop well after hours to accommodate my classic car June16/21 after suffering a mechanical breakdown (which was duly repaired)

Hugs: Big hugs to Josh at D & H Auto Service for standing behind the repair work that you do. You are a credit to your industry.

Hugs: To my amazing husband. Thank you for all your years of hard work for myself and our two sons. Your work ethic is second to none! You are so loved and appreciated! Enjoy your well earned retirement.

Slugs: To the City of Cranbrook and Bylaw Enforcement for not addressing the growing clutter of trailers, campers, boats, old vehicles and miscellaneous junk that is being parked for lengthy periods on streets in the City’s residential areas.

Hugs: To lost cat owners. Slugs for jumping the gun and assuming to blame others. Best wishes.

Hugs: To pet owners that care about their animals well enough to provide proper bathroom options without dumping on your neighbours. Good on you for being a good human and a good neighbour.

Slugs: To our government for again negotiating with the oil companies. The results are very obvious when filling up at our gas pumps where the accountability lies, and it is not with the people of Cranbrook. We again pay more than our neighbouring communities even when the fuel is trucked passed our doors.

Slugs: To the bike riders not following the rules of the road and riding their bikes on the sidewalks. I have been mowed down numerous times by bike riders thinking they can ride wherever they want!

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