Bill Bennett: Gearing up for Election 2013

This is the final installment in a Townsman series featuring BC Liberal candidate Bill Bennett and BC NDP candidate Norma Blissett.

Will we be better off or worse off, if we go back to the NDP? Change is good if it improves our lives, but why choose change for the sake of change?

I am asking you to vote for the lowest income taxes in Canada, a balanced budget, a AAA credit rating, a strong economy that stands out in the world, more health care and education funding, and good jobs.

The NDP is asking you to change to unaffordable government spending, tax increases, more debt and a new tax on credit unions. Adrian Dix has demonstrated that he is untrustworthy by lying to the RCMP in a criminal investigation. Additionally, he would buckle under the pressure from urban special interests when it comes to defending resource jobs. Do we really want to entrust our mining, forestry and natural gas industries to Adrian Dix, the flip flopper?

Past NDP governments gave us Canada’s highest taxes, the weakest economy and high unemployment. Under the NDP, B.C. became a have-not province with the worst economy in Canada. It’s in their political DNA to spend more money than we can afford and raise taxes to pay for it.

Since you hired me in 2001, I’ve worked hard to have government invest in our hospital, college, highways, community infrastructure, child care and charities. I stand up for the rural values we believe in here, sometimes as the lone voice in Victoria.

We should ask ourselves: why would we change back to the NDP and risk what we’ve built up over the last decade? Vote for low taxes, good jobs, responsible government spending and a strong economy. Please vote for Bill Bennett on one of May 8, 9, 10, 11 and 14.