Hugs and Slugs

A summery blast of Hugs & Slugs to warm up October

Hugs: And “they” said it couldn’t be done … Hugs and thanks to the friendly folks at Mister Tire. Two other facilities, which I’ve patronized for many years (one for over thirty years!), were unable to accommodate my need for same day service. Even though I was a new customer, you handled my tire changeover by the end of the day, allowing peace of mind before heading over multiple mountain passes to attend to a very important family matter. You get my vote!

Slugs: A great big slug to the people that think that hanging up a dead crow is a great way to get rid of the crow population. Yes it will scare the crows for a bit, but they eventually come back. Did you also kill the poor bird so that you could use it as a deterrent? It’s almost Halloween, if you must hang up a crow, go buy a decoy. Apparently they work just as well and you won’t have to kill an innocent bird to get rid of your noisy crows and I must assume it is the noise, since I certainly didn’t see any crops on your tiny property. As well, there are children in the neighborhood. If the sanctity of life isn’t enough for you, then at least spare the children this ghastly sight!

Slugs: To the organization who spray herbicides at the South Star trails area. We would like to warn people who like to go to hike to South Star trails. We go for walk with our little dog every day. A few days ago he got very sick. He was vomiting, refusing to eat and didn’t want to move at all.

At the same time we had visitors with larger dog and they went for walk to the trails the second day our dog got sick. That night we all spend running with our dogs in and out. They couldn’t even hold the water in their stomach. We didn’t know what to think about it. Then my husband remembered the sign at the entrance of the South Star trails that somebody recently sprayed herbicides in the area. That really made me mad. It is a Cranbrook watershed area and it’s beside the residential area. Nobody informed us this is going to happen. There is more than one access to the trails and there is NO sign anywhere else. Who gave the permission to this organization to spray chemicals in the recreation area beside our houses?!! How about the underground water, we are all on wells here!

Hugs: To the City of Cranbrook. The waterpark by the college had very long grass during the summer, which was a fire hazard. The city did a very good job working on the dry grass and it looks really good now. They did a good job. Thank you.

Hugs: Special hugs to the person or persons who left a bag of lovely garden vegetables on my doorstep. It was very much appreciated and so kind of you! Such a thankful thing to do.

Hugs: For the Kimbrook apartments Manager and her partner for keeping our building well run, clean, organized and for dealing with issues in a timely manor. You are both greatly appreciated

Hugs: To the owner of Cranbrook Jiffy Lube who decided to compensate me for a very minor repair after a recent oil change even though the problem occurred long after my warrantee had expired after the oil change. Your willingness to stand behind your service was appreciated and very commendable. Thank you.

Slugs: To the people that flip out at food service workers for not following whatever random personal mask/glove/distancing guidelines they think should be followed. Rest assured that food service establishments are following the ever changing municipal, provincial and federal guidelines for covid. The health inspectors are quite active in monitoring how food service places are handling this. Extra slug for the person that flipped out at my staff for not wearing a mask when she was not wearing one herself! Before you complain, educate yourself on what the actual guidelines are.

Slugs: To Cranbrook merchants who want you to shop local but give poor customer service. I ordered an article from a local store (won’t mention name) over a month ago and still waiting. Amazon advised they would have the article at my home within five days and the Winnipeg distributer for the article advised they mail orders the same day as ordered. No wonder people shop on Amazon or in Lethbridge.

Slugs: To the people that wander around in groups at our grocery stores without face coverings. As citizens we all have to cooperate to end this Covid monster.

Hugs: Big Hugs to the construction company, Bad Ventures & the whole crew for the well organized & professional road construction, signage & flagging on the Hwy 3 Jaffray passing lanes this past summer. So many people have made great comments on how well organized this company & the employees have professionally worked on this project. There is a lot of traffic & these people have gone above and beyond keeping this road project moving along. From signage, flagging, dust levels, cleanliness, and keeping the traffic flowing, a very professional job! Thank you!

Hugs: Big Hugs to Kimberley Kritters Pet Boutique for giving paper carry out bags to their customers instead of plastic. These bags are a miniature version of the old paper shopping bags with the carry handles, very cool. Like many people, I think we are using far too much plastic, but I don’t think we should have to pay five cents per bag as a penalty. Where does that nickel go? Do the merchants put it in a fund to clean up our planet or do they just pocket the money? I would rather pay five cents to offset the cost of paper bags than pay a “sin tax” for plastic. It is awesome that this pet store is looking to the future and it would be nice if more merchants followed their example.

Hugs: To Barry M. for being a super helpful neighbour to the elderly. Much appreciated.

Slugs: To the same people who every year continue to shovel their snow from their yards onto our city roads. Shovel your snow in your own yard. The city workers are doing their job ploughing our roads so that our cars can drive safely on them. It is not their job to plough through your huge piles of snow. Also, all your piles of now are damaging the infrastructure of our roads.

Hugs: To the kind man who paid for the elderly lady’s prescription at EKRH when her debit card wasn’t working. We will pay this forward!

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