A pre-pre-back to school Hugs and Slugs

A pre-pre-back to school Hugs and Slugs

Hugs: To the BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association for standing against hatred and inappropriate behaviour from customers.

Slugs: To the oil companies for charging Cranbrook residents in excess of $5,000 a truckload to deliver fuel to Cranbrook compared to Fernie. Wonder if this is a sharp business practice.

Slugs: To the person(s) who removed three lawn chairs and an oversized New England Patriots umbrella from 45 – 23rd Ave. S. Enjoy your ill-gotten goods as you have saddled us seniors with even more disadvantages. Shame on you. Karma will get you for your selfish actions. Better yet, return the items, no questions asked.

Hugs to Tyler at Home Depot for great service when we returned items for a refund & ordered a better item. Many thanks. Stay Safe

Hugs to Lisa and the staff at Max’s Place for delivering a surprise birthday cake, complete with song! It was definitely an amazing and tasty birthday treat and I know how much work went into it

Hugs to the crew who picked up garbage along Victoria Ave on Sat. Aug 8th. Thank you! And also Slugs to the people who toss their garbage on the Victoria Avenue (and all over town!)

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