Hugs and Slugs

A cycle of circuit breaker Hugs & Slugs

Hugs: On Thursday, April 1, I went to DJ’s hair salon and had my hair cut etc. in the afternoon. Then I quickly darted over to Save On foods and picked up a few groceries, then went straight home. Later that evening I noticed that the silver chain I had been wearing that day was gone from my neck. I thought that there would not be a chance in heaven of ever seeing it again. Finally I decided it is worth the chance to call the places I had been. DJs was closed so I decided to call Save On first. I was so surprised when the customer service person said that there WAS a silver chain in the lost and found! It turned out to be mine! I want to thank the person who found it and turned it in. It restored my faith in human nature and confirmed again to me that Cranbrook is a pretty good place to live. Thank you so much again!

Slugs: A big slug to the people who have used the recreation sites over the winter and just left their garbage and beer bottles/cans on the ground. Please respect OUR land and pick up your litter. Leave no trace!

Slugs: Huge Slugs to the motorcycle riders who have no respect for neighbours with their speeding and noisy bikes.

Hugs: To the Search and Rescue, Ambulance and Police who came out on Easter Monday to help me after I fell on a hike and was unable to get myself off the trail and back to the road. People in this region are lucky to have such a great crew of people who work together so well. I really can’t thank you all enough!

Slugs: To the people who insist on leaving trash in our natural areas. I don’t understand! Out for a walk by the Wild Horse River and there were beer cans everywhere, dog poop bags, broken camping equipment, coffee cups. There is a transfer station down the road. Give your head a shake.

Hugs: To the gentleman who works at the Tim Horton’s drive through by the mall. You are always so cheerful and happy and it makes my day every time I’m there. Right on!

Hugs to local restaurants for pivoting once again to take out options and building outdoor patios. Local businesses need our support, especially right now with the circuit breaker restrictions. Support local!

Hugs: To the wonderful staff at the Cranbrook Library, the kindest and most helpful staff in Cranbrook.

Hugs: To Pharmasave staff on Baker Street. The nicest most helpful staff in Cranbrook. A pleasure to shop there. Thanks.

Hugs: To Joanne and Dustin at Dean’s Plumbing and Heating for their excellent service when replacing a split frost free faucet. This happened when I left my garden hose attached since the Fall. I did not discover it until I turned the faucet on a couple of weeks ago. I was able to discover the leak before too much water entered my storage room. I called at the end of the day and Dustin was there within the hour. The repair was completed before 5 pm. Dustin was very understanding and completed the repair with little interruption to the company I had staying in my home at the time. You folks saved the day.

Hugs: Concerning the slug for businesses not accepting cash. I understand what you’re trying to say, but cards are cleaner than money and we do live in unusual times. Have yourself a marvelous day anyway!

Hugs: To “Gary” for finding my wallet and calling to advise he had it. I didn’t even know it had been lost! Such a great feeling to know there are still good, honest people in this world. Your good deed was greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hugs: To the Cranbrook Fire department for the quick and professional response on the gas leak that occurred on Innis Ave on Easter Monday! Our community is lucky to have such a diverse Fire Dept.

Hugs: To Kim at the Pharmasave (Medical Equipment Centre) on Baker Street. She was so helpful with finding just the right walker for my mother-in-law. We didn’t know what to look for & she made it easy with her knowledge of the products they sell. My mother-in-law is very happy with her walker & can get around better now. We appreciate the great customer service.

Hugs: A big hug to Abbey at Andre’s for spending an incredible amount of time helping me sort out an error on my recent Koodoo bill. She called their customer service and explained the concern I had with an unwarranted charge on my bill, $427 for a twelve hour phone call, and in the end was able to get Koodoo to drop the charge. Thank you, Abbey for going above and beyond with your exceptional service.

Hugs: To Pastor Jordan from Cranbrook Alliance Church. Thanks for not only being a fantastic church and youth group leader, but also for buying my coffee at the Tim’s drive through. You are a gem!

Slugs: To all those people that throw their garbage out of their window on 30th Ave N and Kootenay St, have you no community pride?

Slugs: To a man walking by our home on 6th St. N who took a dislike to our car and hit the hood with his walking stick. Now we have a bill for $300 to get it fixed. Why????

Hugs: To S&L Roofing. We had our roof replaced and can’t say enough good things about the workers and the great job. Excellent clean up also. We would highly recommend Chris and his crew.

Slugs: To the store(s) refusing to take cash for sales.

Hugs: Koodos to Barry Coulter of the Daily Townsman for his opinion article to maintain and convert all of Baker Park into a multi use community green space. Such a development would be a huge plus for the community and a great attraction for the down town core.

Hugs: To Duffy’s Door for coming to the house to fix my garage door on a Friday at 3:45 pm, excellent job and Thanks .

Hugs: To the World — I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony; And I’d like to give the world a hug, and keep it company. (That’s the song I hear)

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