Hugs and Slugs

A batch of Hugs and Slugs to welcome June

Slugs to the commuters, especially the pickup trucks, taking 13th Ave S as a detour yesterday morning (due to 14th Ave S closure), and using it as a speedway – to make up for the extra 30 seconds or so added to your drive time? This is a residential neighbourhood, lots of small children, seniors and pets — slow down!

Slugs: To the homeowners along a certain road in Kimberley that do not maintain and mow their boulevards… the dandelions are taking over … let’s take some pride in our properties, “Kimberley is a great place to be proud of.”

Hugs to those that do look after their property.

Hugs: To Lynaie Wannex, Receiving Manager at Cranbrook Home Hardware. You give super customer service and went out of your way to order some cement dye for us and called us when the order was in your store. Your are definitely an asset to Home Hardware.

Slugs: A huge slug to the gas stations in Cranbrook. Why are our gas prices higher than those in Elko, Fernie and even up the Valley? Quit gouging the citizens of Cranbrook.

Hugs: Big hug to the staff at REALM … Excellent examples of true professionals … Thank you for providing support to individuals who were shut in during the pandemic! These connections have eased the loneliness and isolation for my son during this difficult time.

Slugs: In regards to the water slug from last week, you have stated many, many systems are watering sidewalks and not conserving water. If you had a system you would be able to water your entire lawn in two or three hours tops in the morning and at night. The system is set up so the heads are pointed only to cover the lawn 180 degrees. If you use a sprinkler and hose you can water seven hours in the morning and four hours at night and I would suggest you do not keep all the water inside your yard. I have not seen a notice from the City of Cranbrook for the watering schedule. I did send the city an email asking to be advised as they have been watering the dog park for the past month on Wednesday but they do shut off at 8 am. The City did not reply.

Hugs: Many hugs and thanks to Mike Selby for his interesting column, most especially his recent article about Prism. The story was unbelievable and what an iconic photo! Very interesting and enjoyable read.

Hugs: Lots of hugs to the staff at the Bedroom Furniture Galleries for repairing my dad’s Lazy Boy recliner, as well as loaning him a spare until the parts arrived. Dad is 93 years young and relies on the chair for his physical comfort most of the day. It makes sense to buy locally where dedicated and caring people will ensure that chairs are repaired long after leaving the showroom. My dad says thank you, thank you, thank you…

Hugs: Hug Hug Hug to the young couple in the purple car who treated us at Dairy Queen on Tuesday. Thank You so Much. I will certainly pay it forward.

Hugs to the fellow ahead of my in the drive-thru line who bought my breakfast sandwich and coffee for me. Kindness much appreciated.

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