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4-H projects weigh-in

The Cranbrook & District 4-H swine and sheep weigh-in was held January 31 at the Grasmere Hall.
Cranbrook 4-H Multi Club member Saige Black is pictured with her lamb at the Cranbrook & District 4-H swine and sheep weigh-in

Elijah Siewert/Cranbrook 4-H Multi Club

The Cranbrook & District 4-H swine and sheep weigh-in was held January 31 at the Grasmere Hall. It was an exciting day as 4-H members from the Cranbrook, Wasa and South Country clubs chose and purchased their market pigs and lambs.

To get ready for this day sheep and swine members learned about desirable traits that they would be looking for in their project animal. Good conformation is one thing to look for — some members were swayed by cuteness.

We would like to give a special thank you to Community Futures for their generous support of project animals through their 4-H Youth Loan program.

Having a 4-H project means that members will feed and care for their animal, learn showmanship, grooming and judging to exhibit their animal at the Cranbrook & District 4-H Show and Sale to be held on June 7 this year at the Wycliffe Exhibition Grounds.

Record keeping is also an important part of 4-H and our moto is 'Learn to Do by Doing'.  Detailed records must be kept on feed, equipment, animal health and any other things related to the project animals.

Project animals will be cared for by each member through daily chores. This means that each member is responsible to get up early and feed before school — even when it is -20 degrees — to be sure their animal has fresh food and water to start the day. Later each day, chores need to be done again, including halter training for sheep, and making sure their animal gets adequate exercise.

Our next Cranbrook 4-H Multi club event will be 4-H Public Speaking Sunday, February 15, 1 pm at the College of the Rockies.  Public is welcome.

If you would like more information on 4-H or on our upcoming club activities please contact Tracy Adams at 250-426-2801 or email