Hugs and Slugs

2021 well underway, so here are some … Hugs & Slugs!

Hugs: We would like to give a big hug out to the gentleman who has the orange Kubota tractor that clears the parking lot by the Community Forest. It is greatly appreciated!

Slugs: Big huge slugs to the severely disturbed coward who used a big truck to run over and kill those poor, small defenceless ducks. Why? Please seek help for your despicable action!

Hugs: To Save On, Superstore, Safeway & WalMart for pushing the carts around with baskets and shopping for people.

Hugs: To you who brought to all of our attention the fact that many choose to unnecessarily run their cars to either warm or, in the case of summer, cool their occupants. The overriding issue here is fuel emissions and their effect on our planet. I warm my vehicle prior to departure, but the difference here is the length of time that this occurs. I, unlike those who do so excessively, do not need to enter my four wheeled sauna to get myself to work.

Slugs: Slug concerning the person who loves to get into a warm car. What’s the matter? Don’t have a winter coat? Yes, there are big trucks and even trains that could shut off their engines, but that does not mean you must add to the problem. The real question is, “Who’s the real bully here?”

Hugs: Angels are alive and well and living in Cranbrook! On Christmas Eve, turkey dinner arrived on my doorstep flown in by a heavenly spirit from The Firehouse Restaurant. On Christmas Day, angelic visitors Cheryl McCormick and Carol Lance gifted me enough delectable dinner plus dessert for three meals, and I’ve got a hefty old country girl appetite. (That dessert with the cream and the berries and the graham crust—omg.) Then, I could hardly believe that on Boxing Day, beautiful Addien Mitchell wafted by with enough delicious dinner plus a platter of baking to get me through another three days. I am so grateful. Blessings on all of you. You made it a pleasure to be 80 and home alone. And, I might add, plumper than before!

Hugs: Huge Hugs to whoever turned our prescriptions into customer service at Safeway on Saturday afternoon. You are an angel!

Hugs: Super Bear Hugs to Marie, Kevin and Robert of Home Hardware for all their help with my lamp problem. We are lucky to have them in our town.

Hugs: To the lady who paid for my items at Dollarama on Dec 31, thank you so much

Hugs: Special hugs and many thanks to the community members for their support and donations. Such a lovely thing to do. “The Essential Items Box” to help people was appreciated by so many. Hugs also for all our volunteer ladies, they are great, especially Charlene, out “Riddle Lady”.

Hugs: Special hugs and thanks to a lovely staff lady who served me while I was at Cranbrook Vision Care a few weeks ago. I really appreciated the kind way she helped me and went out of her way to make sure I had the right frames and gave me a mask. You know who you are. I really enjoyed our talk.

Hugs: Huge hugs to Dennis on 13th Street South for faithfully clearing my sidewalks throughout the winter when it’s necessary. His help is very much appreciated. I never need to ask for his help as it’s graciously given. It’s a blessing to have such a generous neighbor.

Hugs: To the customer service desk, Robert, at Home Hardware in Cbk. Always cheerful, polite and super helpful.

Hugs: To the customer service reps at Cdn Tire. Great service.

Hugs: Hugs and some tears to all those that put up their Christmas tree in November and take it down Boxing day. I wish you understood the meaning of the celebration. Christmas is celebrated for 12 days that officially start on Christmas eve and carry right through the New Year. If you put your tree up at a reasonable time you can enjoy through Christmas without feeling bored with your tree. Christmas is about Jesus and his gift to the world. Hugs to those that celebrate the gift and bigger hugs to those that don’t, yet. It’s also about hope.

Hugs: Hugs and kudos to the folks who maintain the Southstar trails ….. the trails have been groomed to perfection, thank you.

Hugs: In response to the recent slugs directed towards snow removal operations: Hugs to the equipment operator in Marysville who cleared our alley. This is our only access and typically ploughing the alleyway creates more problems for us than anything else. Rather than just fly up the alley as they often do this last operator took their time to avoid digging up the gravel or creating large berms in front of parking spaces. Thank you for your considerate approach. Great job!

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