Farm life: Reflecting on the 2020 gardening season

The is sun shining down on me, speckling my face through the…

Some Hugs & Slugs, until the smoke clears

Hugs: huge hugs to the General Manager and his coworker of Dollarama…

Farm life: the most wonderful time of the year

Saying goodbye to summer and welcoming the autumnal equinox

Boris Johnson’s Cunning Plan

If Prime Minister Boris Johnson is Blackadder, who is his Baldrick?

  • Sep 13, 2020

God is Love. Full Stop.

The gospel can be summarized in a single phrase …

  • Sep 11, 2020
The Young Chickadee
B.C.'s top doctor says now is not the time for social gatherings
RCMP policy on masks for Sikhs will change, Blair promises
Alberta horse owners struggle with disease

FINLAYSON: A Labour Day snapshot of the B.C. job market

From following health advice and ‘doing no harm,’ to not hiking fees – one business expert has a number of suggestions

  • Sep 10, 2020

OPINION: Let’s celebrate working people — and work together for a fairer B.C.

‘This year has reminded us all of just how utterly and completely our province relies on working people’

  • Sep 6, 2020

Welcome to September: And here is … Hugs & Slugs!

Latest from the Vox Populi

  • Sep 4, 2020

Rumpled Up in Spirit

Last week, I wrote about Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ strong vision of “faith…

  • Sep 4, 2020

Wrestling with God

Faith is a summons to build the future

  • Aug 28, 2020

The whining beasts of the air

I never complain about the mosquito situation, however bad people say it may be from time to time.

Letters to the Editor

In gratitude, from Dawn’s family; Protection of the planet, and electoral reform — The One Time Alliance

Farm life: Another year around the sun

The sun is starting to rise a little later now and we…

How to help your child cope with the transition back to school during COVID-19

Experts say listening and validating your child’s fears is key

Letters to the Editor

Cliff Jones; South Country water crisis; Cranbrook Transit

FINLAYSON: Next 6-12 months not the time for government to hike taxes

From following health advice and ‘doing no harm,’ to not hiking fees – one business expert has a number of suggestions

  • Aug 17, 2020

Which Lives Matter?

Yme Woensdregt Much too often, in conversations about the Black Lives Matter…

A pre-pre-back to school Hugs and Slugs

Hugs: To the BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association for standing against hatred…