A map indicating where bears have been recently reported in the Kimberley-Cranbrook area.

A map indicating where bears have been recently reported in the Kimberley-Cranbrook area.

WildSafeBC: Reports of grizzly and black bears on the rise in Kimberley, Cranbrook

WildSafeBC Kimberley-Cranbrook says that after a slow August, bear activity is up, and it’s important to be aware and educate yourself rather than risking a conflict with one later.

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Two reports of a grizzly bear have stemmed from the Wycliffe area, the first closer to the highway near Garry Road and the other near Wycliffe-Perry Creek Road and the Three Bars Guest Ranch.

These may, however, actually just be one bear, according to WildSafe, as the first was just recently sighted and the second was reported as being attracted to fruit trees and berries later.

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Three black bears have also been reported in Cranbrook, the first near Ivy Road, another near Hill Avenue and the third close to the Cranbrook Golf Club. All of these animals have been reported to be aggressive and/or attracted to bird seed.

Managing attractants on your property, such as bird seed, fruit trees, barbecues, or garbage, is still very important to mitigate the risk of encountering bears.

In Kimberley, one black bear has been reported as being attracted to garbage and seen around downtown, Beale Avenue, and around Norton Avenue.

WildSafeBC warns that they are also still receiving reports of aggressive deer in the area. Fawning season may be behind us, but rutting season for the bucks is just about to start.

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All incidents of human-wildlife conflict should be reported to the Conservation Officer Service RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277.


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