Who is 2013’s Woman of the Year?

The Cranbrook chapter of the Canadian Federation of University Women is seeking nominations for women who make the community a better place

For 30 years, outstanding women who are pivotal to the East Kootenay’s communities have been recognized for their dedication.

The Cranbrook chapter of the Canadian Federation of University Women is again preparing to recognize great contributions by local women this year.

“This will be our 30th year CFUW Cranbrook Club has honoured East Kootenay women,” stated Woman of the Year Committee Chair, Cathryn Henley.

Is there a woman in your community who goes beyond the call of duty to create a better place for everyone?

If so, the organization would like you to nominate that woman for the award by Feb. 14, 2014.

“We know there are several more outstanding women in the East Kootenay, but we need the community to nominate them,” said Henley.

It is important not to let on to the woman in mind that you are planning to nominate her.

Those who give themselves for the good of others mostly do it without expecting recognition, and will put the brakes on a nomination if they know about it, Henley explained.

“These kinds of people do not usually think they are doing anything above the call of duty, or give more of themselves than others. That is one of the reasons why they are so special,” she said.

The Woman of the Year award was set up in 1984 to recognize women who betters the lives of those around her and creates better opportunities in education or safety of women.

Previous East Kootenay Women of the Year include Sophie Pierre (1984), Sheilah Moore (1991), Ruby Sinclair (2001), Karin Penner (2005), Vicky Dalton (2011) and, last year, Jenny Humphrey.

To learn how to make a nomination, visit www.cfuw-cranbrook.com.

“All of this effort to submit a well-researched nomination with letters of support takes time. It is best to get started now if you have not already done so,” added Henley.