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What advice would B.C. seniors offer to their 18-year-old selves?

Variety of residents at Berwick Parksville share some wisdom

What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

The PQB News asked a variety of residents at Berwick Parksville to share some wisdom they would pass on to their younger selves (if they could).

“Given that my 18-year-old self didn’t want to take any advice, I would say be careful of the credit card companies that come to colleges and universities,” said Chris (all surnames withheld).

“And don’t get too caught up in what they’re offering.”

Mike said to have a lot of confidence and to avoid smoking and drinking.

“And don’t get married too early,” he added.

“Be strong. Don’t be afraid of elders as much,” was Carol’s wisdom.

“Continue with your education and don’t get married too young. Big one — because my generation, they’re all getting married between 18 and 21 so leave it until later.”

Maureen would have advised her 18-year-old self to keep going with her education.

“Listen to your teachers, even the bad ones,” said Allan, a retired teacher.

Les said young people should look for the brighter side of life. Worry less about the negative things people are exposed to every day and instead focus on the positive benefits such as new technology and advanced healthcare systems.

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“We get ground into the negative part of that through the news media, through so many things, that it can depress a young person,” he said.

“I think that’s a problem with our young people today, is with the drug situation, is they can’t see a way out of it, and it’s a problem. So that would be my advice, look for the bright side of everything. And there is always a bright side.”

Elsie said to “follow the guidance of the Bible for the rest of your life and you’ll make it.”

“I guess what I would say is that life is too short not to enjoy it,” said Caron. “And if you get yourself into any kind of trouble, it takes all the enjoyment out of your life.”

Gail’s advice to herself at 18? “Don’t get married.”

Pauline said, “be grateful.”

“Don’t get married at an early age,” was Louise’s reply.

“I wasted so much of my life — well I didn’t waste it, I had kids — but things I could have done on my own.”

Barbara said, “get a job. Too many young people are living off their parents.”

— NEWS Staff