There are two additional water leak repairs scheduled for this week - one located near Amy Woodland school. 
Nearby residents may experience some water service disruptions and some water discolouration once service is back up and running. Simply run your cold water tap until it runs clear. (Cranbrook Townsman photo)

Water treatment system briefly affected by power surge: City

A water boil advisory for children, seniors and those with weakened immune systems has been suggested by the city for Monday evening after a power surge earlier in the day caused a temporary issue wit the city’s potable water treatment system.

For approximately 15 minutes, the surge caused a fault in the chlorination system which resulted in untreated water making it into the water system, according to an update from the city.

Public Works crews have identified and isolated where the untreated water flowed and is currently flushing the system to remove the untreated water.

The water boil advisory is recommended out of an abundance of caution and no health concerns are expected, according to the city’s info bulletin.