Watch where you park those RVs and trailers

City of Cranbrook reminds residents of Streets and Traffic Bylaw as camping season begins

Summer is almost upon us, and the travel and camping season begins in earnest with the May long weekend coming up. So we can expect those recreational vehicles and trailers to come out of winter hibernation into our driveways, ready for action.

But the City of Cranbrook is reminding RV owners to heed the letter of the law — Streets and Traffic Bylaw 3678 — which regulates on street parking of recreational vehicles and unattached trailers. The bylaw prohibits parking recreational vehicles and trailers on residential streets between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and prohibits parking unattached trailers on any street at any time, unless in an emergency situation.

The City of Cranbrook said in a press release that City staff fields numerous complaints on a regular basis relating to trailers blocking driveways and using limited on-street parking for long periods of time.

“Enforcement of this bylaw is generally complaint driven,” says Naomi Humenny, Bylaw Services Officer for the City of Cranbrook. “Citizens of Cranbrook are generally following the bylaw. This time of year is good to get out the reminder, especially now with spring and camping season beginning.”

The Streets and Traffic Bylaw, which came into effect in June 2010, applies to travel trailers, tent trailers, campers and motor homes as well as boats and boats on trailers. The intent of the regulation is to keep City streets safe and accessible for vehicular and pedestrian use. It is recommended that residents find alternate places to leave their RVs, campers, boats and trailers when not in use, other than on the street.

To review a complete copy of the amended Streets and Traffic Bylaw 3678, 2010, please visit the City’s website at