Elk will be gathering near the highway between Marysville and Cranbrook over the month of October, says WildSafeBC Kimberley-Cranbrook. Brittany Pukas photo.

Watch for elk around highway between Cranbrook and Marysville this month

WildSafeBC Kimberley-Cranbrook says a herd of elk will be gathering near Highway 95A between Cranbrook and Marysville over the month of October, so motorists should be aware, particularly when driving at dawn or dusk when they are harder to see.

Also important to remember is that although they go near the road to find food doesn’t mean they are habituated to vehicles or people.

“They are not tame animals and can be quite dangerous,” WildSafe said in an Oct. 7 release. “They do not have a tolerance of humans getting too close to them and will let you know. They will point their ears back, grind their teeth and lash out with their hooves.”

So be aware while driving in the area in the coming weeks, and also keep your distance if you happen upon them while walking.


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