Washrooms being replaced at Rotary Park

Rotary Club taking the lead on the project which should be complete by late-August, early-September.

  • Mar. 29, 2016 3:00 p.m.
A new washroom facility is under construction at Rotary Park with an expected completion date of late August

A new washroom facility is under construction at Rotary Park with an expected completion date of late August

Though sod-turning was just two weeks ago, significant progress has been made for the Rotary Club’s latest project—replacing the washroom facility at Rotary Park.

The existing structure is over 40 years old and started to get run down so the Rotary Club decided to work with local businesses, organizations and the City of Cranbrook to replace it at the cost of just under $500,000.

“Current progress is we have got the footings installed, the foundation walls will be done this week and we’re going to backfill, so onwards and upwards,” said Russ Kinghorn, a Rotary Club member who is taking on project managing duties.

Kinghorn adds that there are a number of issues with the existing facility, ranging from structural to simply it’s age.

“There’s been settlement, so cracks in the block work, the storage is shared with the electrical services, which is not a good situation,” he said.

The current facility isn’t heated and is not wheelchair accessible.

“It’s really a disgrace. It’s in Rotary Park and the Rotary Club decided we wanted to change that impression,” Kinghorn continued.

“That washroom services a lot of things. The Legion has given us a letter of support, along with the Downtown Business Association, the Farmers’ Market, Leisure Services and the Sam Steele Society.”

The new facility will be 1,055 square feet with both men’s and women’s washrooms and change rooms, along with a gender-neutral washroom.

“It will be well insulated,” Kinghorn said. “It will have high-efficiency gas heat in it, it will be headed as such that it will remain open year-round and it’ll just be closed for later nighttimes.”

In addition to the high-efficiency gas heating, there are also plans to equip the facility with solar panels. There will be some storage space as well for summer programs operated by Leisure Services.

The Rotary Club has partnered with the city to fund the project, and is also hoping to score some grant money from the Columbia Basin Trust. Public Works crews are also contributing as the city can use some of it’s in-house expertise on the project.

Once the new facility is complete by late-August, early-September, the old facility will be demolished.