Volunteers invited to help at McWhinnie park

A little more work is needed to finish off upgrades to bike lines

  • Oct. 23, 2015 3:00 p.m.

Barry Coulter

Bob McWhinnie Mountain Bike Skills and Skate Park has been a boon to Kimberley, and recent improvements have made it even more so.

But a little more work is needed to finish off these upgrades, and the local group who oversees the park and organizes events around it are looking for volunteers, to put the finishing touches on some newly built bike lines in the park.

Alex Buterman, one of the members of the group that organizes the annual McQuinney Day, and raises funds for the park, for example, says the long dry season just past has left the ground dry that there is a considerable amount of watering and tamping to be done, as well as other maintenance and clean-up jobs for the fall.

“We have redone the bike skills park,” Buterman said. “We’ve received incredible support and in-kind donations to be able to build unique bike features that can be enjoyed by all skill levels. Before, it had been a bunch of ‘black diamond’ lines — really hard. But now there are blue lines and green line through there nas well.”

More work needs to be done.

“The course has been so dry this summer — we have excellent dirt but it’s like flour right now. So we’re struggling a bit to get water on it and pack it down.”

To this end, a community work day has been set for Sunday, October 25. “We’re basically looking at some site clean up and compact the berms and the jumps. We’re looking for volunteers. Calling all cars!”

Buterman said voluteers interested in helping out can show up to the park at about 9 a.m. Sunday. Everyone’s advised to bring some gardening tools — rakes.

The group is also looking to organize some volunteer support throughout the coming week — going down to the park to put water on the lines — “because we’re not going to be able to work with the dirt unless it’s wet. We actually have a garden use from a neighbour’s home to use. We’re basically starting today (Thursday), going down there, doing a little site clean up, solidify these new bike lines they’ve built by watering them and tamping them down. They’ll be some shaping, so bring garden tools.”

Buterman said the support from the community so far has been amazing.

For more information, contact Buterman at 250-427-8774, or email lxelectric@hotmail.com.