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TV program puts out nationwide casting call

Mountain Road Productions seeks the jerry-rigged and other outside-the-box home repairs

Carolyn Grant

Kimberley Daily Bulletin

Have you ever come up with an ingenious solution for a common home problem? For instance, have you ever repaired a shower head by poking holes in a beer can? Or used duct tape instead of caulking? If genius ideas such as these have occurred to you, you may be just who Mountain Road Productions are looking for.

Mountain Road is producing a HGTV Canada Special to be hosted by Steve Patterson of CBC Radio's The Debaters.

Stephanie Beaune says it's a celebration of completely unique and utterly outside-the-box approaches to home repair.

Beaune says they are really hoping to find the perfect handymen and women in small towns like Cranbrook.

"Our goal is to uncover great characters with a bizarre sense of home 'improvement'.

"We are looking for houses fill with jerry-rigged solutions that are at complete odds with mainstream expectations."

As part of the special each homeowner will have the opportunity to have the show's team of experts come in and renovate the space where the offending creative handiwork has been done for free.

Un-handy homeowner submissions and nominations can be emailed to with the following information:

1. The story behind the questionable home improvements;

2. Photos of each of the eccentric repairs;

3. A photo of you and a photo of the not-so-handy person you are nominating;

4. Your contact information.

Beaune says production begins late fall and you can start submitting now and keep it coming.