Truck burns down on residential street

A semi truck burned to the axles last night on 4th Avenue South.

This semi cab went up in flames in the early hours of Friday

This semi cab went up in flames in the early hours of Friday

A semi truck burned on 4th Avenue South in the early hours of Friday, Sept. 12.

Fire crews were on the scene to put out the blaze during the early morning hours after a call came in at 1:55 a.m. By 3:56 a.m. the blaze was extinguished.

Gord Yee, acting captain for the Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services, said fire crews arrived to a fully involved vehicle fire.

He said there was no danger to nearby people or structures.

“It was just parked on the side of the road, a residential street, so there was no exposures as far as dangers.”

He said crews treat vehicle fires much the same as structural fires.

“We just make sure that there are no exposures or hazards to anybody around, like power lines, or fuels, or anything like that,” he said. “We just try to control it as soon as possible before it spreads to anything else.”

Six firefighters responded to the call.

Yee said they do get quite a few vehicle fires over the course of the year.

Neighbours reported hearing the tires explode.

“Which is quite common when you have a fully involved vehicle of course tires are going to overheat and catch on fire and with the air inside them you are going to hear the explosions and stuff like that from them,” he said.

The cause is undetermined. Yee said it is under investigating, but not by fire crews. Rather it will be ICBC and/or the RCMP.