Trouble at the drive-thru

Trouble at the drive-thru

Customer freaks out after finding order not complete

Cranbrook RCMP are currently investigating an alleged assault which occurred at a local fast food restaurant.

On Tuesday night, Cranbrook RCMP were called to a local fast food restaurant for an assault. The victim, an employee of the establishment, said that he had given out an order in the drive-thru, and was confronted with the fact that their order was not complete once the customers checked their order,.

The male passenger of the vehicle took exception to the error. Words were exchanged and the passenger attempted to hit the employee through the drive-thru window. Cooler heads prevailed and the female driver managed to redirect her passenger and they then left the restaurant. Witnesses provided a license plate and RCMP were able to chat with the people involved.

Many people have been in situations where they received the wrong order or had less than they thought they deserved or had ordered. There are remedies for situations like this. Talk to a manager. Write a review on a website forum. Police recommend you do not assault the server or you may end up with a date in front of a judge.