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Trina Ayling running for another term on SD5 board of education

Trina Ayling is running for re-election as trustee for the SD5 board of education in the upcoming local government election on Oct. 15.
Trina Ayling is running as trustee for the SD5 board of education. Photo courtesy Trina Ayling.

Trina Ayling is running for re-election as trustee for the SD5 board of education in the upcoming local government election on Oct. 15.

Alying, who was first elected onto the board in 2008, says she feels there is unfinished business to address over the next four years.

“When I was first elected fourteen years ago it was a logical step from leading a campaign with parents and teachers to fight school closures,” said Ayling. “I think we were the only school district in the province that managed to reverse a school closure [Pinewood Elementary], and I’ve always been so proud of that. I’ve worked hard for fairness and quality education for our local school community ever since.”

Looking ahead to a new term, if elected, Ayling says there are some key goals that require experienced trustee oversight.

“We are making steady progress on our goal of replacement of Mount Baker Secondary School (MBSS), with the Key City Theatre as an integral part of a new school,” Ayling said. “Government is also moving forward to potentially incorporate affordable day care into schools, and this needs thoughtful consideration and stakeholder input before anything can be planned. As always, we must continue to advocate to the province for adequate education funding and supports.”

Whatever happens on Oct. 15, there will be some new faces on the SD5 board of education, as four trustees who served over the previous term — and beyond — opted not to run for re-election.

Ayling says her institutional knowledge and experience will be an asset.

“SD5 needs continuity of knowledge and leadership provided by those who have served through challenging times, to pass the baton of long experience,” Ayling said. “New Trustees bring their own knowledge and skill sets to the table, and that keeps a Board fresh. But the first year of any new Trustees’ term is still a huge learning curve.

“If more than half of the Board is made up of new Trustees, progress and momentum could be lost until the Board comes up to speed.”

Coming out of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Ayling says the SD5 community is stronger and more focused than ever on the core purpose of education.

“Our goal is always to make sure we are giving our school kids, like my own two sons, the tools to develop their own abilities, to learn and grow, to be strong, happy and productive citizens within our community, or wherever their dreams may take them,” said Ayling. “I hope to continue to be part of that journey for another four years.”

Trevor Crawley

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