Triathlon club hosting open meeting

Group hopes to add to ranks and make connections with local multi-sport adventurers.

The Tri 4 Success triathlon club is holding an open house on Jan. 21 at the Studio Stage Door at 7 p.m.

The Tri 4 Success triathlon club is holding an open house on Jan. 21 at the Studio Stage Door at 7 p.m.

A local triathlete club is hosting a meet and greet next week to promote their organization and recruit new members at the Studio Stage Door.

The club supports health and wellness, adventurous living and provides fitness and social opportunities for all ages including kids and adults.

Spearheaded by Barb Fode, the Tri 4 Success Triathlon club will meet on Wednesday, Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. and include a kids colouring contest, draw prizes donated from local businesses and refreshments.

“We’re having a social community night, and it’s about trying to gather more members into the multi-sport club Tri 4 Success,” said Charlie Cooper, of RM Events, which organizes the Wasa Triathlon.

“So we like to get all current members and anyone interested from the community for a fun evening just to get to know each other. The directors will share information on what the club is going to look like this coming year and we’re just trying to re-energize the club and get as many people involved [as we can].”

There are roughly 80 members that are a part of the club, and Cooper is hopping to use the meeting as a way to gauge the interest of outdoor adventure recreation and  connect the various other kinds of clubs in the area.

“We’re trying to tie in our club with all the different clubs out here, from the masters swim clubs in Cranbrook and Kimberley, the mountain bike clubs, freewheelers and Wildhorse Cycling Club, and there’s a Bigfoot run club also,” said Cooper.

“We’re just trying to tie in all those opportunities along with our multi-sport club to present people with lots of training and racing opportunities that are around here.

So hopefully in partnership with all the clubs and events, we can make it really easy for people to be involved in good healthy sports.”

There are all kinds of activities and events for Tri 4 Success club members to participate in as a serious or fun endeavour, from the Wasa Triathlon, to Six in the Stix to Round the Mountain, according to Cooper.

“The night we’re going to be having is basically about getting to know each other, sharing information, ideas and laying the foundation for the next 8-10 months.

The whole basis behind the club is to make it fun and social,” added Cooper.

For more information, contact Barb Fode via email at