Traffic light unpredictable

City of Cranbrook staff are working to fix an erratic traffic light on Victoria Avenue

There seems to be gremlins in the traffic light on Victoria Avenue at 2nd Street South.

“We are not sure if the traffic signal controller is possessed, doesn’t like certain people, times of day, or is going through puberty. Simply stated, sometimes it does not behave properly,” said Joe McGowan, director of public works.

Public works crews have been monitoring the traffic light, but so far they have found no indication of why it is playing up.

“The problem is that the misbehaviour happens erratically which makes it a real bear to troubleshoot. If something within its brain (computer), or if any of the many electrical and electronic devices contained in the traffic signal control cabinet (by McPherson’s Funeral Home) would just blow up or fail in a significant way, we would know where to look. Unfortunately, evil things seldom co-operate,” said McGowan.

If you encounter the traffic light while it’s in a mood, please be patient as city staff work to solve its behavioural problems.