(Phil McLachlan/Capital News/Stock)

(Phil McLachlan/Capital News/Stock)

Traffic accident south of Kimberley takes one life

A multi-vehicle accident by Stirton Road near Kimberley on Friday evening has taken one life.

“Unfortunately there was a fatality,” said Sgt. Steve Woodcox of the Kimberley RCMP. “We had several vehicles involved.”

Woodcox was not on the call but says he understands a vehicle was stopped on Highway 95A southbound to make a left turn onto Stirton Road. There were two other vehicles stopped behind it.

“Another vehicle came on the scene, and perhaps saw the stopped vehicles too late. They swerved into the north bound lane and hit another vehicle head on.”

Woodcox said that he believes it was the passenger in the vehicle that swerved who passed away. There were other injuries as well, he said. He says he is unaware if speed was involved but traffic analysts were on the scene and more information will be available from their report.



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