Towards health

Health authority, city council ponder ways to make Cranbrook a healthier community

Interior Health wants to work with Cranbrook city council to create a healthier community.

Community health facilitator Kerri Wall gave a presentation to city council on Monday, January 7, on the Healthy Communities Initiative.

“I want to talk about working in collaboration: the health authority in partnership with local municipalities. We need the efforts of all of us together to move wellness forward,” said Wall.

She gave several examples of steps Cranbrook has taken toward a healthier community, such as the public produce garden, the farmers’ market, and Rotary Trail.

“These are some things Cranbrook has done really well with regards to population health,” said Wall.

Local government can improve community health by improving physical activity opportunities, developing bylaws that reduce exposure to second hand smoke, and bylaws restricting vending machines and fast food outlets in some locations, such as near schools.

Wall offered Interior Health’s expertise to city council when it can help.

“We want to bring our resources to the table. We are hoping that if you have questions or need consultation, if you have ideas, if you need research or data, we would like to help in any way we can so we can work together to bring wellness in Cranbrook up,” she said.