Thomas lays out platform for municipal byelection

Thomas lays out platform for municipal byelection


Quality of life for every person that contributes to Cranbrook is a priority.

Admittedly I spent my childhood years in Fernie. I lived on and off between Cranbrook and Fernie in my late teens and early twenties. I attended some high school and college here in Cranbrook.

I did time at Denny’s, the Elko mill, and a chicken farm down Gold Creek. I have fond memories of those experiences. I eventually took on some business management roles in the area. My ambitions and entrepreneurial spirit led me to the faster paced Okanagan life where I created a successful electronics repair business that reached across BC and Alberta. During this time I also completed real estate projects which I now focus on full time.

While I was learning many things and developing important skills my desire to return to the Kootenays stayed strong. I am happy to be back on familiar ground and seeing familiar faces.

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At this point in life I feel like I can help contribute to the community and very much look forward to the possibility of doing this job for all of you.

I am a fan of the current council and am excited about the possibility of working with them. I share their desire to help move projects forward in the community. The road projects that are being done are a great example. I appreciate their willingness to work with businesses and individuals to bring new proposals to life while keeping fiscal responsibility in mind. It is important to do what we can to attract businesses to town that make it easier for people to stay and live in Cranbrook while supporting the ones that already do.

We should maintain a supply of affordable housing for the same reason. It is better that we prepare for growth than to find ourselves trying to catch up to it.

Some things around town I believe need attention are the underutilized and rundown commercial properties in the main business areas, the recycling program, limited availability of rental units, and concerns over childcare options. We could draw more attention to the recreational activities we sometimes forget we have.

I think it is awesome that the community is getting behind the Kootenay Ice to keep them in town.

I’m not opposed to trying something new. However, we may need to reconsider the previous changes to the Canada Day celebrations.

Things I enjoy about Cranbrook and would continue to support include the events in parks and at the arenas, the farmers market, the dog park (my dog Tux is a regular there), anything that makes Baker Street more of a destination, the sense of safety in the community, and all initiatives that keep the appeal of living the Kootenay Life alive and well.

I consider the hospital, college, and airport great assets to the community and would like to see them operate in a healthy economic environment while providing a high level of service to everyone who needs them.

I am prepared to approach hard topics such as marijuana legalization, mental health and troubled youth with an open mind and a thorough thought process.

Thanks to all of you who are putting in the time to get informed on this important decision.

Voting for the by-election is slated for Saturday October 21, 2017, with two advanced polls scheduled for Wednesday October 11 and Wednesday October 18, 2017.