The weather that was

In Cranbrook, this July was the fifth hottest on record, according to meteorologists.

July might be a distant memory for most of us now, but the warm weather will have it remembered in Cranbrook for some time yet.

According to Environment Canada meteorologist Greg Pearce, the average daily high temperature for the month was 28.5 degrees Celsuis.

In a normal July, the average high is 25.6 degrees, so July 2013 was 2.9 degrees warmer than normal.

That lands the month as the fifth warmest July on record for Environment Canada, which started keeping records in 1968.

“There were 13 days with highs over 30 degrees,” said Pearce, adding that the hottest day was on July 2 when the barometer hit 36 degrees at the airport.

But the low temperatures for the month were much closer to normal. The average low temperature was 11.6 degrees; in a normal July, that low is 10.9.

“It’s only slightly higher,” said Pearce. “You had a lot of sunny days and it got quite hot during the afternoons with the strong sunshine.

“The overnight lows, though, were cooler than the highs were high because of the clear skies at night. So you ended up cooling off quite nicely at night.”

Overall, the month’s mean temperature was 20.2, almost two full degrees above the normal mean temperature for July.

Meanwhile, July 2013 was the 11th driest July on record since 1968. We had just 15.8 millimetres of rain in the entire month. In a normal July, Cranbrook gets 38.2 millimetres of rain.

“You only had about a quarter of your expected rainfall for July,” said Pearce.