Rubberized surface coming to Rotary Park playground

Rubberized surface coming to Rotary Park playground

The new surface will replace the existing gravel fill surrounding the playground equipment

Changes are coming to the playground at Rotary Park, as the gravel surface is set to be replaced with a new rubberized surface, according to a news release from the city.

Increasing safety for children playing in the area as well as improving the appearance of the site is cited as the reason for the changes. Additionally, removing the gravel and replacing with a rubberized surface will stop any migration of pebbles or rocks to nearby grass surfaces, according to the city.

The overall budget for the project is $50,000, which includes a $20,000 grant from Tire Stewardship BC.

Preparation for the new surface will begin in the next few weeks with the removal of the gravel. Public Works crews will then prepare the base and pour a new concrete border while the rubberized surface is expected to be installed after the May long weekend.