The final list is set: Let the campaign begin

Record number of candidates declare for Cranbrook City Council as deadline passes

The deadline has passed, and the race is now on.

For the first time in its history, Cranbrook will vote by automatic voting machine, for three candidates for mayor, 16 candidates for Cranbrook City Council, and six candidates for the board of trustees of School District 5, in the upcoming municipal election on Nov. 15, 2014.

Candidates for Regional District Directors were also announced Friday.

Advance voting polls will also be held Nov. 5, 6 and 12. Mail-in ballots are also available by contacting Cranbrook City Hall.

On Friday afternoon as the deadline passed, Brian Wooff, Chief Electoral Officer for the City of Cranbrook, and Maryse Leroux, Legislative and Policy Advisor for the City of Cranbrook, read out the official list of candidates in City Hall Chambers to many of those same candidates. They then drew lots to determine the order in which those candidates’ names would appear on the ballot, a protocol determined by a previous City Council.

The candidates for the Nov. 15, 2014, municipal election are (in alphabetical order):

For Mayor — Lee Pratt, Wayne Stetski, John York.

For Cranbrook City Council — Norma Blissett, Danielle Cardozo, Sharon Cross, James Elliott, Bob Faiers, Wesly Graham, Isaac Hockley, Anna Hudson, Brian Kostiuk, Alan MacBean, Lynn McIntosh, Ron Popoff, Diana J. Scott, Brad Scriver, Tom Shypitka, Gerry Warner.

For School Board — Trina Ayling, Gail Brown, Chris Ellis, Chris Johns, Doug McPhee, Patricia Whalen.

Also on Friday, Lee-ann Crane, Chief Election officer for the Regional District of East Kootenay, declared the final list of candidates for positions of Director with the RDEK.

• For Area A: MIke Sosnowski;

• Area B: Morgan Dilts, Stan Doehle;

• Area C: Don Flowers, Rob Gay;

• Area E: Jane Walter;

• Area F: Wendy Booth, Andrea Dunlop;

• Area G: Gerry Wilkie.

Also on the ballot will be a referendum question as to whether Cranbrook residents want the fluoridation of the Cranbrook water supply discontinued.

All advance polls will be held at the Cranbrook Seniors Centre. More details of the voting machines and advance voting procedure will be explained in upcoming issues of the Daily Townsman.