The fickle ways of winter

Cold weather coming this weekend, warming up again next week.

  • Nov. 28, 2014 6:00 p.m.

Cranbrook was spared the heaping piles of snow that many areas around the Southwest and Southeast Interior received overnight Wednesday, but the cold is coming.

Doug Lundquist, weather preparedness meteorologist at Environment Canada noted the weather would on be on a downward trend from Thursday high of eight degrees.

“It’s going to be a big shift from the warm temperatures down to much colder weather for the weekend as an arctic front is going to move through Friday evening,” he said, noting that it will likely get to -17 degrees on Sunday morning.

But that will start to again turn around next week.

“Then gradual warming next week, that is warm air moving in from the west again,” he said.

He said that weather would affect the whole region.

“The difference is in the Southwest region where it snowed so much the message is really clean up everything — get rid of all the ruts and problems with your roads before the really big freeze comes, because if that freezes solid it’s going to be a real headache.”

He said it won’t be as much of an issue in Cranbrook and area, as there’s not as much snow.

“But certainly we want to make sure our roads are well prepared for colder weather if there’s still snow on them or ice,” he said.

Lundquist said theseason has so far been average for temperature, but it’s been a record setter for wetness.

“I think you’ve been wetter than normal — you had some snow then it melted,” he said. “Normally you have, in the 90 day period, little more than 75 mm of precipitation. You’ve had nearly 125 mm. So way above average in the wetness category.”

He said it was two days of rainfall in that really put it over the top.

“There were two days in a row of record rainfall in September that that amounted to over 40 mm,” he said.

Those days were Sept. 2, which had 11 mm of rainfall, and Sept. 3, which had 32 mm. Those records go back to 1968.