Testimony continues in RCMP shooting trial

Another witness, along with paramedic and independent investigator took the stand to testify for crown counsel.

  • Oct. 8, 2015 10:00 a.m.

Testimony in the case of an RCMP firearms trial continued on Wednesday, as witnesses, a paramedic and investigator took the stand.

The case is being tried in Cranbrook Supreme Court in front of Justice Trevor Armstrong.

RCMP officer Richard Drought is currently on trial for a charge of careless use or storage of a firearm stemming from a police incident in October 2012 in Cranbrook.

Crown counsel alleges Drought fired his service pistol into an SUV which was being driven by Nickolas Bullock, who stole the vehicle near Yahk in a violent carjacking on Oct. 2, 2012.

Drought began a police pursuit of the stolen SUV on Highway 3/95 near Elizabeth Lake and ended up on a rural acreage at the top of Victoria Ave. near the College of the Rockies Gold Creek campus, where the incident occurred.

A witness, who was inside his home, testified that he saw a police car stopped on the edge of a rural property near the COTR Gold Creek campus around 10 p.m.

The witness also said he saw an SUV turn and drive towards the direction of the police car, before hearing three to five loud bangs indicative of gunfire. He did not see the shooter or any muzzle flashes from the gun.

Directly after hearing the gunshots, the witness said he saw a male, who appeared to be a police officer, walk past the police car in the direction of the SUV, which by then was out of sight.

Moving to another area of the house with an open window, the witness also testified that he did not see the male, but heard a strong authoritative voice and mumbling.

Also appearing on the witness stand was a paramedic who attended the scene and treated Bullock, who was received two gunshot wounds to the left shoulder and two wounds to the left wrist.

Sherman Mah, a member of the Independent Investigations Office (IIO), provided testimony on the collection of evidence upon his arrival to Cranbrook the day after the incident.

Mah shadowed a local RCMP member as part of the investigation and took custody of evidence such as the service pistol and 11 expended shell casings that were found at the scene.

Testimony will continue on Thursday with the trial predicted to last into late next week.