Tentative road paving schedule set

City releases proposed plan for summer road paving projects.

The City of Cranbrook has released a tentative schedule for road-paving projects this summer but, as always, plans are subject to change.

“Really, a lot of this is going to depend on weather, subcontractor availability, equipment availability and the workforce, so a lot that will hinge on that and when the milling machine can make it into town,” said Chris Zettel, the corporate communications officer for the City of Cranbrook.

The streets are projects identified by city staff and approved by council earlier this month that will see $2.7 million worth of paving done to numerous areas of the city.

The work will be mostly road paving and other road-related projects such as water drainage. There will not be any work done on underground infrastructure such as water and sewer lines or storm sewer systems.

Zettel added that a large portion of the roads in the program will be milled at the same time prior to starting the reshaping and resurfacing work. The milling of the pavement is normally done all at one time which leaves the road surfaces without pavement until the road is repaved. This also exposes the exiting valve boxes, catch basins and manholes in the roadways.

Proposed schedule

•Week of May 25, 2015

Kootenay Street -21st Avenue to Kootenay Place, 26th Avenue South & 2A Street

•Week of June 1, 2015

Cranbrook Street North – 2nd Street North to Highway 3, Airport Access Road

•Week of June 8, 2015

Industrial Road 2

•Week of June 15, 2015

4th Street South – 8th Avenue South to 11th Avenue South

•Week of June 29, 2015

Sylvan Heights (Numerous Avenues & Streets), 26th Avenue South & 2A Street

•Week of July 20, 2015

26th Avenue South & 6th Street South; 2nd Street South – 27th Avenue South to 31st Avenue South

•Week of July 27, 2015

2nd Street South – Victoria Avenue to 24th Avenue South

•Week of August 10, 2015

27th Avenue South & 29th Avenue South

Zettel said the schedule could change depending on a number of factors.

“The intent is just to give people a quick snapshot at this point of how we see the summer playing out,” continued Zettel, “but as things move along, we’re confident that with the contractor and the machinery and everything in place, we’re certainly going to be advising the public through our local media partners and our website and some door-to-door to let people know when it’s going to start and end.”

The 2015 Capital Roads Program was approved by city council on May 11th. The $2.7 million project was awarded to Interoute Construction Ltd., of which BA Blacktop in Cranbrook is a division.