Suspect leads RCMP on footchase

Suspect leads RCMP on footchase

21-year-old man arrested after leading police on seperate pursuits on Monday.

A 21-year-old Cranbrook man remains in custody after two separate foot chases through the streets of Cranbrook on Monday afternoon.

Cranbrook RCMP had been looking for the suspect when an off duty member spotted him near the college. When RCMP attended the area, the man took off along the fence line and police gave chase. He ran through the Steeples school yard but even with local residents assisting police, he was not apprehended.

Later, RCMP received information that the suspect was in the area between the skate park and Laurie Middle School. Police set up containment in the area and began to move in. He noticed police coming in three directions and after stripping off his shirt he took off toward Anderson Crescent.

Police ran after the man and were once again assisted by the public who said he had ran toward Victoria Ave. After RCMP members passed along that information, the suspect was apprehended near the hospital.

The man remains in custody on charges of Criminal Harassment and Assault. He will appear before the courts on Tuesday.