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‘Stick and carrot’: New scams are using threats and kindness to get into Canadians’ wallets

Experts call for online caution and help B.C. residents to identify techniques used by scammers

Scammers are continuously coming up with new tactics to rob money from hard-working citizens.

The Better Business Bureau is warning Canadians about new ‘stick and carrot’ scams that are taking money from people by using kindness and threats.

This ‘carrot method’ consists of promising some sort of opportunities to keep the target engaged in a fraudulent exchange. Scammers will assure their target that they could make quick money if they trough small investments or other too-good-to-be-true scenarios.

This scam is more frequently present on social media and websites, mentions the report.

The second technique, called the ‘stick method’, uses more coercive measures to extort money from online users.

Scammers will use threats or negative schemes to manipulate their targets emotions. Jail time for not paying ones taxes or informing that a loved one is in trouble and needs money right away are schemes used by scammers.

The stick method is more likely to occur via phone messages or postal mail, highlights the BBB.

“If you’re facing a stick method scam, it’s important to not give any money or share any personal information before verifying what’s being shared with you,” says BBB media and mommunications specialist Aaron Guillen. “Hang up, and take five minutes to remove yourself from the situation. Verify the details or discuss with friends or family to find out if they think you’re being scammed.”

BBB data foundthat targets were more likely to fall for carrot method than versus the stick method. However, scammers manage to collect twice the amount of money using threats as opposed to those using the kindness.

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