St. Mary’s Band fills vacant council seat

Codie Andrew acclaimed to remaining seat on Band council

The St. Mary’s Band has the final piece to its council puzzle after Codie Andrew was appointed by acclamation.

A nomination meeting was held January 14 at the St. Mary’s Band Hall to nominate members for the band’s by-election.

Andrew’s name was put forward by Robert Williams and seconded by Diane Whitehead. With no one challenging Andrew, the nomination stuck to fill up the vacant spot on the St. Mary’s Band Council.

Andrew will be sworn in on January 21 at 5 p.m. at the Band Hall. She will join fellow councillors Joe Pierre, Corey Walkley, Marty Williams and chief Jim Whitehead.

Congratulations were quick to be offered to Andrew following the announcment by members of the St. Mary’s Band on their Facebook page.

The by-election was called after outgoing chief Cheryl Casimer stepped down following the original November election for three new councillors.