Sportsnet to film Strongman Classic for national broadcast

Sportsnet to film Strongman Classic for national broadcast

One of the centrepiece events of Cranbrook’s summer festival — Sam Steele Days — is garnering some national attention this year.

A production team from national broadcaster Sportsnet will be in Cranbrook on Saturday, June 16, during the heart of Sam Steele Days, to film the annual Strongman Classic competition.

Now in its 15th year, the Strongman Classic draws athletes from Cranbrook and area, B.C. and Alberta — grassroots power lifters, crossfit enthusiasts, avid gym rats from all walks of life vying against the clock and each other in feats of strength.

“I never expected this,” said Trevor Zak, the creator and producer of the Strongman Classic.

“It’s a testament to the volunteers, athletes and sponsors who have made the Strongman Classic what it is today.”

The Strongman classic involves male and female categories. This year, male athletes arecompeting in five events, plus a medley. The medley is made up of two to three different events that are completed back to back. This year, the female athletes compete in four events, which is one more event than last year’s tournament. Both male and female athletes compete in head to head events, which offers an action-packed show for the crowd and allows the competition to progress in a timely manner.

The events take place within a 100-foot course that is lined with bleachers full of cheering spectators.

Popular events at previous Strongman Challenge competitions have included the head-to-head harness truck pull, the lifting of Atlas stones, and the truck deadlift.

This year, Zak is presenting a new event called the “Conan’s wheel”, which requires the athlete’s to carry 400 pounds on a steel pivot in a clockwise position as far as they can go without dropping the wheel. Once they drop the wheel, they will be measured against the next competitor.

“I get the ideas, but it’s always the sponsors, the athletes, and the volunteers who make it a success,” Zak said.

Zak said he is working hard on developing the event with the film crew and producers to ensure that the athlete’s and the event represent Cranbrook proudly.

“It is sure to be great coverage for the City of Cranbrook, showing Canadians who we are, and the great place we live in,” says Paul Heywood, Special Events and marketing manager for the City of Cranbrook, “ We expect to see great crowds now that we know Sportsnet is coming to film the event.”


Sportsnet to film Strongman Classic for national broadcast