Speeding Vehicle from Elk Valley Crashes in Cranbrook

Speeding Vehicle from Elk Valley Crashes in Cranbrook

Cranbrook RCMP, along with East Kootenay Traffic Services are currently investigating a man for several driving offences and placing the public and police officers in danger.

On August 10, around 8 pm, a Traffic RCMP Officer in Elk Valley attempted to stop a vehicle in the Hosmer area. This vehicle, a black Infiniti, had been travelling at speed in excess of 160km/hr. The vehicle fled from police. The vehicle was located inside the City of Fernie but again, after seeing police with their lights on, fled at a high rate of speed.

Witnesses in the Fernie area came forward to say that the vehicle had narrowly missed sideswiping a vehicle and almost struck a pedestrian.

After several more complaints, a traffic officer in Cranbrook located the vehicle on the Strip in Cranbrook around 9 pm and tried to pull the vehicle over but yet again the vehicle took off southbound accelerating up to speeds of 190 kmh.

A Cranbrook member who was further down the highway activated her emergency equipment as the vehicle was cresting a hill. The suspect driver came over the crest, noted police and attempted to evade by going around the police vehicle and lost control ending up in ditch.

The suspect driver then fled on foot into the bush but was apprehended on the railway tracks with the help of the general public.

Cranbrook RCMP would like to thank those who assisted in locating the suspect.

The driver sustained minor injuries as a result of the crash. Luckily no other members of the general public were injured.

Charges being recommended against the 24-year-old Alberta resident, including Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Flight from Police and Impaired Driving.

RCMP are requesting anyone who might have come into contact with this black Infiniti to call 250-489-3471 if they wish to provide any information about the driving behavior of this individual.