Skookumchuck venting odorous gases

Skookumchuck venting odorous gases

If you’ve noticed the atmosphere around the area has been more aromatic of late, here’s the explanation.

The Skookumchuck Pul Mill, 55 kilometres north of Cranbrook, is venting gases as part of routine maintenance.

A statement from the mill said the venting will continue for a few says, but that air quality is being continually monitoring during the process.

“Starting on December 2nd and continuing, at the latest, until Sunday December 8th, Skookumchuck Pulp will be doing some maintenance that will result in odourous gases being vented,” the statement read.

“We have communicated to the Ministry of Environment the need to vent the gases for this while we perform maintenance to the system that normally collects and incinerates them.

“We’ll be monitoring air quality at our Farstad Way monitoring station.”