Showcase features performing arts’ best

The East Kootenay Performing Arts Festival has wrapped its season, and there's one last chance to see the best of the fest next week.

The East Kootenay Performing Arts Festival has wrapped its successful season, and there’s one last chance to see the best of the fest next week.

The Showcase Gala concert will be held at Key City Theatre on Monday, May 13 at 7 p.m.

“The concert will feature young performers aged six to 18, and will prove that the East Kootenay has talent! Genres include dance, speech arts, piano, musical theatre, and classic voice. The festival end concerts are always very entertaining,” said Amy Miller, a member of the festival’s organizing committee.

The festival was held from April 10 to 26 at venues throughout Cranbrook.

“We had excellent adjudicators who gave each student something to work on while still supporting them and giving them confidence to continue performing. Every day brought exciting performances by seasoned festival entrants as well as performers new to the festival,” said Ellen Bailey, a festival organizer.

Now, adjudicators have selected some highlight performances in each genre to make up the Showcase.

“The Showcase highlights the best of these entertainers, with something for everyone, from inspiring and entertaining speech arts to lighthearted musical theatre pieces to a choral performance by the Vera Women’s Choir and opera in the voice category,” said Bailey.

In the dance category, you will see three performances by members of Kimberley Dance Academy. Kathryn Boyd will perform a modern stage solo called “Show Off”; a jazz ensemble will perform a piece called “Waka Waka”; and a tap ensemble will perform a number called “Americano”.

In the piano category, the Showcase audience will hear pieces by Chopin and Grieg, as well as a rendition of “The Pirates of the Caribbean” theme.

St. Mary’s Catholic School will feature prominently in the speech arts genre, with students from kindergarten, Grade 4 and Grade 5 making the Showcase.

“St. Mary’s School is a long time and now the only supporter of speech arts,” said festival organizer Ursula Boy. “Without this school, there would be no more speech art.”

Tickets to the Showcase are $15 each; proceeds go towards hosting next year’s East Kootenay Performing Arts Festival.

The East Kootenay Performing Arts Festival was organized by the Fraternal Order of Eagles for its first 30 years. It is now run by a committee of volunteers, with sponsorship from numerous businesses and community groups, with special sponsorship by East Kootenay Community Credit Union.