Police ended up firing shots when a suspect driving this rock truck allegedly tried to ram their police vehicle. (Facebook photo)

Shots fired by RCMP to stop rampaging rock truck in northwest B.C. town

Social media reports indicate extensive damage caused in Smithers

One person is in custody following a rampage in a rock truck through the streets of Smithers April 2 in which shots were fired.

RCMP said in an email they responded to a report of a possible impaired operation of a vehicle just before 9 p.m.

Officers said when they located the suspect vehicle, the driver attempted to ram the police vehicle.

“Due to the escalation of potential grievous harm to police as a result, shots were fired by police,” said Cpl. Alex Bérubé, an RCMP spokesperson. “Luckily, nobody was injured and police were able to stop the suspect.”

No further details were available from police, but social media reports suggest during the incident the suspect allegedly rammed somebody’s shed, smashed a parked vehicle on the street and ripped up the Chandler Park soccer fields before being stopped near St. Joseph’s School.

The person, for whom no details were given, was arrested under the Mental Health Act, Bérubé continued.

An investigation, with a potential for criminal charges is underway.

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