Set a date this month with a good book

Library runs Blind Dates with surprise books throughout February

You’re never alone with a good book on hand, and never was that more true than this month when Cranbrook Public Library is running its Blind Dates event.

The concept is simple: library staff and members of the public have chosen books they love and good books about love for a special section. You can visit the library and find that section, where every book is wrapped in gold and silver paper, with only the bar code showing. Then you choose a book – your “blind date” – sign it out and take it home.

“You can pick by size or weight or whatever you want and they will check it out to you,” said Madsen. “Then you take it home and unwrap it and who knows what you’ll get.”

The books are a mixture of romance novels and beloved favourites.

“It’s either one that somebody really loved it, or one that’s about love,” said Madsen. “We’ve picked some really good books. There are some bestselling authors in the mix, but you also may get something you wouldn’t normally read.

“We were conscious to make sure we put some selections in for males as well.”

The month-long event around Valentines Day started at Cranbrook Public Library in 2008, after library staff learned about a similar event in a U.S. library that was a big hit.

“With blind dates, you don’t know what you’re going to get until you get there, and you start to immerse yourself halfway through. Just like a book, it’s hard to know if you are going to love it,” said Madsen.

“We encourage people to take them out and give them a chance, just like you would if you were having a date.”

The event also encourages Cranbrook residents to love their library, a theme for the month of February.

“It’s a different way to love your library by taking a chance on some different books and hoping you love them too,” said Madsen.

Stop by the library to meet your potential dates at the Circulation Desk, 1212 2nd Street North, or call 250-426-4063 for more information. A library card is all you need for a month filled with fun blind dates!