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Sea can plan in the can

The zoning amendment bylaw that deals with shipping containers was adopted Monday, June 10, in council.

The zoning amendment bylaw that deals with shipping containers was adopted last Monday in council. The amendment allows the city to regulate the use of shipping containers within commercial, industrial and public utility zones in the city boundary.

There were no comments on the issue during public input.

Coun. Diana J. Scott said staff did a good job of meeting with concerned stakeholders to come to an agreement.

"I really think that it paid off, I think that everybody's needs were met and everybody went away happy," Scott said. "I think the evidence of that is that no one was here to speak against it."

There were businesses concerned with aspects of the amendment bylaw and how it would affect their businesses, but after meeting with city staff, their concerns seem to have been taken care of.

The zoning bylaw differentiates between shipping containers used for shipping goods and those used for storage purposes. Containers used for storage would be permitted the C-2 - Highway Commercial Zone, the M-1, M-2 and M-3 Industrial Zones, and the P-3 - Public Utility Zone and sited In  accordance with the applicable property line setbacks of the zone for an accessory building  or structure.

The bylaw limits a maximum of six shipping containers, or one shipping container per  400 metres/squared of site area for the first hectare of site area; whichever is less; and one shipping container per 1,000 metres/squared of site area after that.