Sea can plan gets 1st scan

Storage shipping containers may soon be regulated in Cranbrook.

Cranbrook city council gave first and second reading to a zoning amendment bylaw that regulates the use of shipping containers used for storage in the city.

Zoning amendment bylaw 3769 amends sections of the zoning bylaw to update definitions and add regulations regarding the use of shipping containers in commercial, industrial and public institutional zones.

Mayor Wayne Stetski said his concern was that there is nothing in the bylaw about maintaining the containers, which can rust and look unsightly.

City staff noted the zoning bylaw wouldn’t be the place for that, but the unsightly premises bylaw might be. The city could also make shipping containers subject to a development permit process. Staff said, however, that the latter deals more with form and character, rather than maintenance.

The city wanted to update regulations that deal with shipping containers in the city to allow Public Works to use a number of them as storage in its year.

The bylaw would allow up to six containers used for storage on a parcel and would include C-2 highway commercial, M-1, M-2 and M-3 industrial and P-3 public utility zones.

Containers would also have to meet property line setback regulations as well as three metre fire separation between containers.

They would also not be eligible for human occupancy.

A business owner suggested that the containers be used for school art project canvasses.

“You could actually use them to make the city more vibrant,” Stetski said. “That’s one option and I guess there’s nothing preventing that.”

City staff went over the bylaws with Miles Chisholm, who owns Freightliner of Cranbrook. Chisholm said the amendments were reasonable, said staff.

The amendment passed first and second reading and will be referred to the advisory planning commission for recommendation, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for approval and a public hearing at 6 p.m. on May 6 in council chambers.