Scouts to round up Christmas trees

Scouts will be hitting Cranbrook streets to pick up Christmas trees.

Though the holiday season may be over, some of those halls may still be decked with holly and living rooms may still feature a decorated Christmas tree.

The Cranbrook Scouts are hoping to help those who have been procrastinating with the takedown of their trees with their annual Christmas Tree collection on Saturday, Jan, 9.

Running from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., scouts and volunteers will be hitting the streets of Cranbrook to collect all the trees that may still be lingering in homes.

The event is not a fundraiser, as the scouts prefer it to be an act of service for the community, however, they will accept unsolicited donations if people wish to give them.

Just have the tree, sans Christmas decorations, out outside of your house or at the edge of your property and the scouts will pick them up and take them to Southeast Disposal, which gets rid of them.