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Sam Steele Sweetheart and Princess crowned

Cranbrook's youth ambassadors Makenzie Yates and Alicia Leasak will represent the city, starting with Sam Steele Days
Princess of Sam Steele Alicia Leasak (left) and Sweetheart of Sam Steele Makenzie Yates are crowned Cranbrook's youth ambassadors on Friday

In a showcase of Cranbrook's best and brightest youth, Makenzie Yates was crowned 2013 Sweetheart of Sam Steele on Friday, June 14. Princess of Sam Steele is Alicia Leasak.

For their Grade 12 year, the two girls will take over as Cranbrook's youth ambassadors from outgoing Sweetheart Brianna Kennedy and Princess Taylor Miller.

The Key City Theatre was filled with oohs, aahs and laughter Friday night as the six Sweetheart candidates showed their unique talents and the skills they have learned in the months leading up to the pageant.

Carly Trinder, sponsored by Cranbrook Rotary Club, sang "Dream A Little Dream" - and tap danced, too – then performed a speech called, "The Perks of Being Allergic".

Marissa Suetta, sponsored by Fraternal Order of Eagles, showcased her artistic talents with a quirky slideshow of her own pieces, as well as performing a speech on Gold Rush town Fisherville.

Sponsored by Cristoforo Colombo Lodge, Chelsea Paul's speech was titled "Scaredy Cat", and she performed a passionate monologue, "If I Should Have A Daughter".

Danika Reid, sponsored by the Kin Club of Cranbrook, performed an acoustic song with guitar that she had written herself, called "Last Penny Spent". Her speech was on being "Book Smart".

Alicia Leasak, sponsored by the Lions Club of Cranbrook, sang "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" - perhaps foreshadowing the tiara she will wear as Princess for the next 12 months – and spoke about "My Kyrptonite".

Makenze Yates, sponsored by Cranbrook Society for Community Living, performed a contemporary dance piece, "The Park", and her speech was about "Misconceptions".

As well as being crowned Sweetheart, Makenzie won the talent portion, the public ballot and the Toastmasters award. Danika Reid was given the Community Awareness Award.

There were a few scene-stealers during the pageant. First was little Dagen Duczek, who presented the candidates with flowers as they modelled their Sam Steele gowns, with a great big grin on his face.

Next was Toastmasters' Kathy Simon, who climbed a step ladder so she could finally pat MC Jason Wheeldon on the head.

See The Townsman this week for more photos of the pageant and more exciting Sam Steele Days events.