Rumours about old fire hall are false, city says

The Cranbrook heritage building has not been condemned, according to the city's CAO

While the old brick building was up for a decision at council on Monday, there were rumours swirling that Cranbrook’s old fire hall had been condemned.

Mayor Wayne Stetski addressed the rumour during council inquiries by asking city administration to confirm that the building had in fact not been condemned.

CAO Wayne Staudt responded to the mayor that, to his knowledge, the building had not been condemned.

“With your comments earlier I think there might have been some confusion that we were talking about the old brick building behind city hall,” he said. “But the fire hall is not condemned. As you know it’s a heritage building and the city has an obligation to maintain it as a heritage building.”

Mayor Stetski said that sometime in the future council would be looking at plans for the whole lot that includes city hall, the fire hall and the RCMP detachment.

“The fire hall is very much front and centre in terms of that future for this particular part of Cranbrook,” he said. “I’m looking forward to repurposing it in the near future.”